The idea of depicting gold and silver tattoos came in the mind of a talented tattoo artist Nobuhiko Akatsuka in 2006. This is the latest stylish body art that Arnaud Flambeau considered during his traveling in Japan and brought it with him in the Middle East. These are temporary tattoos that last only seven days and are worn basically by women. They are great especially for brides who wear them on their wedding day.

golden and silver tattoo designsThese tattoos look like real jewelry and are quite expensive. You can wear them as ring, bracelets or a necklace tattoos and people will hardly differentiate it from real gold or silver. Their forms are very subtle and delicate and tend to enhance your beauty. Black women usually choose glossy golden tattoos and white women go for silver tattoos.

Gold and silver tattoos take only 10 minutes to be set on the body. You can get it even by yourself. They are transferred into skin with the help of little water and today we see a great tendency of getting these tattoos not only by celebrities but by many stylish girls too. You can wear them for special events as well as for fun. Besides the forms of jewelry you can choose shapes of animals, butterflies, feathers and anything that can look spiffy on bodies. It’s better to pick a design that best meets your interest, personal taste and preferences. After you get this kind of tattoo people around you will surely ask you whether it’s a real piece of gold and silver or it’s something else.

Now look at these examples and choose designs for your next tattoo. Here we have collected the most delightful and tender designs that re going to inspire you. I am pretty sure you like them and offer you to look for many more options if you really want to get one on your body. Hurry up, since summer is already over and autumn will allow show off your tattoo for a short period of time.

These tattoos look nice on necks, hands, fingers, arms, legs, ankles backs etc. take into account that celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens and Beyonce also opted for these tattoos. The funniest thing about gold and silver tattoos is that you are free to combine any design you like creating incredible body art by yourself. They are very common especially at the beaches of California, Florida, Australia and Hawaii. It’s considered as fashionable accessory and is now available everywhere. After you get a gold or silver tattoo avoid applying soap or a body lotion on the part you have put it. Otherwise it will start fading and will lose it’s shine.