Morning glory is a subtle flower loved by all females and is a good idea for a tattoo design. It has a shape of a trumpet and it likes to blossom in the morning, that’s why people called it Morning Glory. Birds also like these flowers and morning glory tattoos are often met with the combination of a hummingbird design. It has different shades which is another plus for a tattoo design.morning glory tattoo 2016There are blue, purple, red, pink and orange colors which are the favorite colors of girls. This is the first reason why morning glory tattoos attract women. The main designs of these tattoos are in colorful hues. You can get tree morning glory flowers in a one design and combine it with leaves. The image is tender enough and embellishes the any body part. You can add a depth to the design using the 3D effect. Blue flowers are generally taken together in a harmonious an exquisite design. Purples are inked together in the most vibrant purple color. They look artistic and sophisticated. Red morning glory flowers grab more attention due to their vibrancy and fragility. These are playful tattoo design that you can get in larger sizes. As I have already mentioned above the best combination for a morning glory tattoo are hummingbirds. Like this flower hummingbirds are also very cute and pretty creatures. They bring more charm, interest and uniqueness to the morning glory tattoo with their delightful colors. You can even add a tribal touch to your tattoo. In this case it will be more mysterious and original.

Where to Get a Morning Glory Flower Tattoo

Deciding a body area for any tattoo is not an easy task. You should do it carefully not to be sorry later. As morning glory flower tattoos are generally done in large sizes you may have it as a sleeve tattoo on your arm or leg. If you want a big tattoo but would like it be hidden whenever you need then you can get it on your stomach, rib or back. Other popular body parts for this tattoo are arms, necks, wrists, ankles and chests. Before getting a morning glory tattoo make sure you have chosen the best design. Pay special attention to the colors and to the additional details. Avoid too much detailed and complicated designs as these tattoos look better in simpler shapes. Try to pick a good-looking, captivating and spiffy tattoo. Here are some great examples from which you may choose one appealing design.