If you are looking for a spiffy lilt tattoo design then you are in the right place. Her we’ll offer you the hottest lily tattoo designs which are very popular both among men and women. As the lily has an interesting and rich history we would like to share it with you as well so that you can make sure you want to get a lily tattoo or not.Lily TattooThe legends and stories associated with the lily go back to ancient times. They are very symbolic flower sin Greek culture. The legend tells that lily was feed by the milk of the Greek Goddess Hera who was the queen of the God Zeus. This flower represents the birth of people born on May and is the symbol of couples celebrating their 30th anniversary. Lilies are met in various hues and each color symbolizes something special. All these factors make it a great choice for a tattoo and in most cases women go for lily flower tattoos.Lily TattooWhite Lily Tattoo Designs

This kind of lily is also known with the name Madonna lily. It has pure white color which represents the Virgin Mary, love, purity, life and death.

Peruvian Lily Tattoo Designs

Peruvian lily is known as the flower of Incas. It can be found in several colors including orange, yellow, pink, red and purple. These tattoos represent friendship, commitment, graduation, the end of something and devotion.

Stargazer Lily Tattoo Designs

This is perhaps the largest lily in its species. It has a tall height for about 36 inches and its width is up to 16 inches. It comes in pink, white and orange color and symbolizes wealth, richness, success and sympathy.

Orange Lily Tattoo Designs

This flower seems to have a fur of a tiger that’s why it’s also called tiger lily. The beautiful shape and coloring is very inspiring and in most cases you may see tiger lily tattoo designs.

Calla Lily Tattoo Designs

Calls lilies bloom all year round and look very strong. They stand for sensuality, elegance, awakening, love and purity. They look very beautiful on female body and are usually depicted as sleeve tattoos.

Where to Get a Lily Tattoo

Though there are many body areas where you can put your lily tattoo but some parts are very popular. They are arms, chest, shoulders, back, rib, ankle, and neck, wrist and sometimes leg. If you like you can wear a sleeve lily tattoo design. Some choose neutral colored lily tattoos and some others go for the shade they love most in lilies.