Being the most painful body part for a tattoo design collar bone is the subtlest area for a tattoo for any woman. The tattoos done on the collar bone are considered as the most exquisite tattoos for females. They look so cool and hot that many women go for a collar bone tattoo even omitting the fact that it is going to be too painful. As it is said beauty requires sacrifices.Collar Bone Tattoo 2016Some men also go for a collar bone tattoo and they often choose quotes. These are larger and more look like chest tattoos than just as collar bone tattoos.

Collar bone tattoos differ from the rest of tattoos due to their uniqueness and femininity. There is a seductive touch in each collar bone tattoo that makes the female skin not only too eye-caching and spiffy but also very subtle. Compared to chest tattoos collar bone tattoos cover less canvas and look cuter. Actually they are small tattoos that can be worn by anyone who has a special message for people surrounding him/her. The ideas for a collar bone tattoo differ with their themes, designs, shapes and styles. Each chooses a design closer to his/her heart and if the thing is about female tattoos they usually look very compelling and astounding. It can be a simple quote, a single word, a flock of birds, stars, flowers, vines, roman numerals, feathers, butterflies or some symbols representing special meanings.

Collar Bone Quote Tattoo Designs

The best way to represent your thoughts and feelings is getting a tattoo on a body part that grans much attention. In this case the collar bone is a wise solution. You can get any message on your collar bone and it will not only draw attention but will also be very fascinating. Tattoo artists usually recommend the use of only the black ink when it comes to quote tattoos.

Bird Flocks Collar Bone Tattoo Designs

As I have already mentioned above flock of a bird can look very beautiful on the collar bone. This is a good way for introducing your calm nature, the desire of flying and your freedom. If you like you can add the word freedom to your bird flocks tattoo to make the design complete.

Flower and Butterfly Collar Bone Tattoos

Getting your favorite flower on your collar bone is a cool way of highlighting your beauty. On the other hand the combination of flower and butterfly has always been very popular and stylish. These tattoos are done in several tender hues that make the tattoo quite eye-caching.

Feather Collar Bone Tattoo Designs

Feathers are another subtle subject for tattoos. They are meant for body embellishment and have very fastidious designs. These tattoos are too fashionable and gorgeous.

Collar Bone Tattoos for Men

Here we also represent some cool examples of collar bone tattoos for men. As you see they are mainly done in black, brown or grey inks and come up with large sizes which make them look masculine.