When we refer to small tattoo design we always mention neck as one of the best body parts to get a small tattoo on. It’s not only a good area for a small tattoo but also is very attractive as a body part. People seek for looking more seductive and that’s why they go for various neck tattoo designs.neck tattoosThough the opportunities of wearing cool tattoo on the neck is quite huge but several popular ideas will help you make the best choice for your neck tattoo. Neck allows most women to hide their tattoo whenever they want and the thing is a bit complicated for men with too short haircuts. Anyway if you are ready for getting a tattoo on your body you should also be ready to show it off. Neck tattoos are becoming very popular and the designs that can be worn on this body area also get evolved day by day. Tattoo artists with the help of the fantasy of their clients try to do their best to provide both men and women with unique, modern and original tattoo designs. For the first timers the opportunity of getting a great tattoo expands as they are welcome to get a small cute tattoo which is meaningful as well as stylish. The main aim of wearing a neck tattoo is grabbing attention and embellishing body in a way no any other embellishment could do. These tattoos can enhance the shape of the neck and can make it look fascinating. Unlike neck nape can provide you with much canvas and can give you the chance to conceal your tattoo whenever you need to. For this reason some choose nape tattoos and wear larger designs.

Popular Neck Tattoo Ideas

Among the most popular designs for a neck tattoo you can meet a tribal, 3D, lace, geometric, floral, butterfly and mandala tattoos. Women usually choose subtle designs going for butterfly, star, floral, lace and sometimes mandala tattoo designs. Men prefer geometric, tribal, 3D, realistic and in some cases biomechanical tattoos to highlight their masculinity. Each tattoo has a special meaning, but if you would like to send a direct message people around you, you can use a single word or a small quote tattoo design as a neck tattoo. The colors, shapes, designs and themes of neck tattoo depend upon the interests and the preferences of the wearer and speak about his/her individuality, taste and way of thinking. So, make sure you have picked the right design for yourself.