When it comes to animal tattoos we find so interesting symbolism which inspires people. There are too fascinating and less symbolic animals and as for turtle tattoos we can say that they are very astounding animals for many cultures. This is a strange creature with an ability to navigate both in land and water. Its shell makes it look unique and more exceptional. In body art turtles are representatives of well-balanced, strong and stable nature.

Sea Turtle Tattoo Meanings

As turtles like to spend much time in the sea they are usually cultural elements of the cultures that are closer to seas, islands and tropical areas all around the world. They are significant for Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures and the tribal turtle tattoo designs come just from these places. You can see turtles in Japanese tattoo art as well. They work well with the designs of dragons, snakes and fish that’s why they are combined together in one design. Japanese people believe that like dragons and legendary fish turtles tend to protect people while they are traveling in the sea. In Vietnam people consider it as a golden god which saves people when they are in troubles. For Africans they are as tricksters. The Indian legend tells that the turtle was the animal which held the whole world on its shell. The same story you can read in North American mythology. The shell of the turtle is the symbol of strength and safety and its trick to return its head to its home represents protection and carefulness. All these stories, legends and myths made a turtle a kind of talisman and this is one of the main reasons why people wear turtle tattoo on their bodies.

Sea Turtle Tattoo Designs

In tattoo world one may find millions of designs for sea turtles tattoos. In many cases it is surrounded with natural motifs like sea, waves, fish, and floral elements and alike. Unlike many other mythological creatures that look quite scary and striking turtles look very cute and even pretty. They are worn on differ areas of the body and in various sizes. You can see a group of a turtle as a tattoo design too. The Hawaiian and Polynesian sea turtle tattoos are done in tribal style and in dark black color. In modern body art the popular turtle tattoos are in bright colors and the dominant shade is green. Watercolor turtle tattoos are the most original and engaging tattoos. If you like you can use the 3D style in your tattoo as well.