Striking and very realistic tattoos sometimes seem very cool and even hot. Today the trendy tattoo ideas are realistic tattoos and eye tattoos in 2016 could be very fashionable. These tattoos have deep meanings that are mainly associated with soul, mind and way of thinking. Not everyone can go for such a tattoo but those who choose are brave enough.eye tattoo 2016Eye is the mirror of the soul. It reflects our emotional state, our feelings and even opinions. People have the ability to communicate even only with eyes and this speaks about their strong relationship and understanding. When we are happy our eyes shine beautifully, when we are sad our eyes rain sadly. Eyes are the most important organs in our body. Those who have the ability to see are just happy and should appreciate this blessing. We see, we feel, we fall in love, we value and we smile with our eyes. Tattoos bringing out a realistic eye image are very striking and interesting. Each design differs from the rest of eye tattoo ideas with its color combination, uniqueness and impressiveness. However all of them are very impressive in their own style. These tattoos are depicted with the help of the 3D effect which provides the real and natural-looking image on the skin. Both men and women choose eye tattoos. Each bearer puts some meaning to his/her tattoo and wears it for a special purpose.

Surprisingly eye tattoos are worn on various body parts in the smallest to the largest sizes. You can see large eye tattoo on back, chest, shoulder, stomach and arm in large sizes. Medium sized designs can be located on hands, forearms and thighs. Small and simpler designs are seen on fingers, writs, necks, palms and sometimes on foreheads as the third eye. Each design has its symbolization and before you choose any style try to get familiar with the histories and symbolic meanings of different designs. You can wear closed or open eye/eyes tattoos. Those that are close look simpler compared with open eye designs. The open eye tattoo designs are too complicated and they bring out even the shine of the eye. The combinations of these tattoos are mainly tears, blood, mirror, heart and hand. You can see illuminate eye tattoo style in these designs as well. The strangest body parts to get an eye tattoo are head and eyelid which are not recommended to be considered as good areas for a tattoo design. So, if you have decided to wear an eye tattoo you’d better do a thorough research to find out an original and good-looking eye tattoo which can be pleasant to look at. Try to find a professional tattoo artist not to b provided with a failed design and take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of tattoos. Avoid old tattoo designs as the more fashionable your design the more stylish you’ll look in 2016. We wish you a nice eye tattoo.