2016 is the year of creativity and it requires creative approach in every field starting from fashion to body art. This time we’ll refer to travel inspired modern map tattoo ideas for 2016 which will give you the chance of getting acquainted with styling tattoos which you can get in different ways, styles, shape, sizes and designs.map tattoo 2016What do map tattoos represent? Actually this is the useful thing each traveler needs to have. Starting from old to the modern times people have always used and continue to use maps for various purposes but the main and the most important reason still remains finding out and discovering places, countries and different destinations. Like compasses maps help us to find the way and not to be lost. When we travel other continents and countries we always keep the map of the particular destination with us. In many cases it helps us from the first step we do on the ground of a foreign country. This is why maps have huge impotence for most of us. Even if we are not traveling and just like to spend our lifetime in our hometown we are still interested with the rest of places that exist on pour planet. Just for this little reason we need to have a globe or a map to study lots of things about our world.

So, people who wear map tattoos didn’t go mad. Moreover they have chosen the one of the best and most useful tattoos ever. This is a very teaching and creative approach towards the act of discovering the world around us. There are fascinating ways of wearing a map tattoo. There are people who wear the shape of a map and as soon as they visit to one country they get the shape of that country colored. This is the most interesting fact and approach towards body art I have ever heard. Others choose to have a simple shaped map tattoo on their wrist, neck and forearm. Those who like more complicated and large tattoos get a globe or map tattoo on their back, chest, rib, or on sleeve. The colors for tehse tattoos are not limited and they give you the chance to get the most colorful tattoo that you have ever dreamed about. They look beautiful, playful and have a kind of joyous nature. If you want to get a map tattoo in 2016 then consider some of these examples as great ideas.