The most mysterious, fascinating and delightful things in the world is the constellation that has always interested people from the oldest times. Once you look at the night sky you cannot but get admired by the magic it holds in it. Who could ever imagine that the human fantasy might seek for a constellation tattoo? This is the new trend for 2016.constellation tattoo 2016It is an amazing body art which soon will become very popular among both sexes. Though today few people go for these tattoos but as soon as they become mainstream all tattoo enthusiasts will long for a at least the simplest design. Each chooses the design that most apples to him/her or goes for the constellation sight that represents something special for him/her. Compared with sky, space and astrology inspired tattoos these are the simplest mysterious tattoos that hold deep meanings. Man will never give upon discovering the secrets of our nature, his environment, and the whole planet as well as the secrets of the universe. It interests every single person in the globe and each finds it an inspiring topic that can be discussed with anyone. This is the reason why the Astrology along with its Zodiac sign is so popular in all cultures and is reflected in a variety of ways. Some believe in the predictions told by astrology predictors as they trust on the constellation and believe in its power. Many people link their feelings, emotion and psychological state and even their diseases with the constellation. Some look at them as protectors and love to get their zodiac sigh on their skin. But the latest updated version of an astrology sign tattoo is the constellation tattoo art. This is the idea the holds the concept of sky to skin. Those inexplicable dots, lines and geometric shames that tell almost nothing are the most meaningful shapes for the majority of “night sky followers”. If you are one of them then these designs are for you. Discover the best signs and the best constellation tattoo ideas for you.

Where to Get a Constellation Tattoo

Constellation tattoo designs have the strangest shapes that don’t allow you to get them on any body part you like. They best work with back, chest, shoulder, rib, arm, forearm, leg, ankle, wrist and stomach. As the dominant shapes include simple dots and lines they look better in black ink, but you can get them in colorful designs as well as in white ink in 2016.