Did you know that air balloon tattoos are not just beautiful tattoos? They have a great significance in New Mexico and there is even a special festival devoted to these modern, funny and pretty subjects. If you haven’t discovered air balloon tattoos for yourself yet, then keep on reading because what we are going to represent is not seen in traditional body art and is something new for 2016.air balloon tattoo 2016Air balloons are very colorful, huge and engaging things that ride people in them far away. It’s a kind of flying in the open sky without wings. Every human being wishes to fly once in his/her life but the fact that wings are i not given to men our scientists do their best to invent other methods to make many of our dreams come true. We seek for flight, freedom and fresh air and sometimes we need to be far away from others for a short period of time and to breath the life. Air balloons give us this opportunity and people who had the experience of flying in an air balloon have exiting memories, emotions and feelings connected with it both good and sometimes bad. This inspires them to go for a cool air balloon tattoos. It represents their desire of being free, independent and speaks about the bearer’s romantic nature. Besides, an air balloon tattoo is a very fashionable, attractive and beautiful tattoo design. It’s a unique choice for many young people who want to represent their feelings. They often combine it with spiffy elements like flowers, different trims and colors. Both men and women choose air balloon tattoos and what is more interesting; they like to have it in a large size on ribs, backs, thighs, arms, stomachs and legs. Men prefer neutral colored designs while women go for more joyful solutions. You can even see lace air balloon tattoos which are modern and captivating. These are great ideas for the upcoming year and if you like you can wear an air balloon tattoo in 2016. For more creative solutions you can add a quote to your air balloon tattoo. The use of the 3D effect can make your design original and differing. The innovative methods also offer you the splash of colors on tattoos. The thing is about watercolor tattoos which add an incredible charm to any design. The geometric tattoo designs are trendy for 2016 and if you are already familiar with this style you may prefer to have your air balloon tattoo in a geometric shape.