Hibiscus is a large and very beautiful flower that grows in tropical areas all around the globe. It’s one of the best choices as a tattoo idea for most women. Besides looking spiffy hibiscus flower tattoos also have deep symbolic meanings which make the tattoo more attractive. These flowers are met in various colors and this fact also makes it a nice choice for any woman. Each can choose the shade she loves most.

Hibiscus is a native flower for Asians and for cultures in Pacific Islands. It is the most symbolic flower in South Korea. They see immortality and eternity in this flower. It stands for life and courage and is considered as a healing plant. The different shades of this flower symbolize various things. For example, red stands for passion, rapid growth, life and courage. In China the hibiscus is known as a China rose which represents richness, fame, splendor and glory. Girls like to wear the fresh heads of these flowers in Hawaii. They use hibiscuses as decorations and embellishments. For example if a woman wears it on her left ear it means she is married. If it’s located on the right ear it means that she is single. Among feminine tattoos hibiscus flower tattoos are one of the most popular options. They are usually depicted in large sizes on backs, stomachs and arms. They are sometimes combined with other flowers and insects like butterflies or dragonflies. You can see hibiscus flowers along with roses and lotuses which also have symbolic meanings. In Japanese tattoos hibiscus plays a great role. It is used as a body decoration and looks very subtle on female bodies. However there are some men that choose these tattoos as well.

Tattoo artists usually offer different combinations for these tattoos. You can see skull and hibiscus, vine and hibiscus or tribal designs and hibiscus combinations. All the styles are seductive and tend to make the body more attractive. If you want to make your tattoo unique you can add an interesting quote to it. Those who like the 3D style can use it in their tattoo design. Of course you can always go for neutral colored designs choosing only black or brown inks. Here you can see some nice pictures of hibiscus tattoos and you can pick a design for your new tattoo right here. Pay special attention to the colors of the designs and try to go for the hues which most appeal to you and represent your taste.