So far we have been many body parts where one can wear a tattoo and this time we’ll speak about unique elbow tattoo ideas. This body part is a quite strange place to get a tattoo design on. Though these are not popular tattoos but the researches show that many people both among men and women go for them. But before wearing the tattoo enthusiast should consult with his/her tattoo artists to choose the best design.

Elbow provides you a space where you may get round shaped designs. Thus the designs that have this shape can look better on elbow than any other shapes. it can be a mandala design, a spider web, a dreamcathcer, sunflower, rose or any other flower, round shaped geometrical design and so on. Some also choose butterfly, leaves, skulls, animals, clocks, stars, compasses, waves, eye, biomechanical design and even a sleeve tattoo. Let’s discuss some popular designs for elbow tattoos.

Floral Elbow Tattoo Designs

Flowers and floral motifs give you a wide variety of designs for an elbow tattoo. You can get a mandala design or the design of the flower you like. It can be wither colorful or in simple black shade. If you cover the entire space provided just by the elbow you’ll get a medium sized tattoo on your body.

Spider Web Elbow Tattoo Designs

As for spider web designs we can say that they are the smartest choices for men who want to get a tattoo on their elbow. These tattoos decorate the body not only artistically but they also look quite eye-caching. The dominant colors used for a spider web tattoo are black, grey and brown but some sometimes choose other colors too.

Geometric Elbow Tattoo Designs

Those who are fond of modern tattoo designs may like the idea of getting a geometric tattoo on their elbow. These cool designs are usually loved by guys but girls also wear them.

Skull Elbow Tattoo Designs

Special for those who look for a startling and flashy tattoo idea which will also be original enough we offer skull elbow tattoos. These tattoos are medium sized skull tattoos that can be depicted differently.

Sleeve Elbow Tattoos

The largest tattoos on arms and legs as you already know are sleeve tattoos. They cover the entire leg or arm and if the thing is about the elbow these tattoos cover the entire elbow as well as the rest of the arm including the forearm. The themes for these tattoos are different. They can be floral, Japanese, space, wave, animal or even fruit tattoo designs. According to your preferences you can get either a colorful or a black ink tattoo.