When we do our research in the sphere of tattoo art and best tattoo machines we sometimes meet such extravagant tattoos that drive us mad. Here we have brought together the most extravagant tattoo ideas that you can ever see. Some of them are just masterpieces and some are simple yet very astounding designs. Check them.extravagnat tattoo 2016Leonardo da Vinci “Mona Liza” Tattoo Idea

Who could ever imagine an inspiration that cannot help you expressing your love, respect and fascination towards an art work, this amazing 3D work brings out a huge image of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting Mona Liza. It’s a superb work reflected in body art so beautifully and artistically. This is a unique work that can hardly be repeated. The wearer had a serious attitude toward this picture for sure.

Watercolor Tattoo on Chest

There is everything in this medium sized tattoo design depicted on chest. Looking at it for a couple of minutes different people can see different things. There is a storm, land, rainbow, clouds, cosmos, geometry, life and death in it. What you see in this design speaks about your imagination and way of thinking. So, whatever it is the design itself is cool and too fascinating.

Simple X O Tattoo

Having the symbols of x and 0 on your body is a crazy idea. They are simple and cute symbols that you can get on wrists, neck, or on foot. As a matching tattoo couples may like to choose it.

Poem Tattoo On Back

Though this is not something new but it’s strange in its style, shapes and equality. This girl has depicted a story about herself on her back. As you see she hasn’t used any detailed art work, image or design but has got an extravagant, powerful and meaningful tattoo. The simple use of black ink and popular font provided an attractive tattoo.

House Tattoo on Rib

What the meaning of this tattoo is perhaps is known only for the bearer. It is tattooed with the 3D effect which in its turn has created an astounding design. It seems as if the house has deep roots and the deeper they are the more beautiful they become.

Large Tattoo on Back

A building? A Musical instrument? A ripped skin? This tattoo brings different images from the first sight. Looking closer and more carefully at it you can get several eye-caching elements. Perhaps the most understandable details are flowers framing the design. There is something contrasting in it that can be explained differently. Anyway, it’s a stunning tattoo idea.

Iron Man Tattoo

Face tattoos in their style look strange enough but the strangest ones are the design done on heads. Having the image of the Iron Man on your head in 3D style is a crazy and very startling idea. Doesn’t it?

Dandelion Tattoo

Well, dandelions are common tattoos that are loved by everyone, but wearing them on the entire fingers and had is not that ordinary. This is the most original design and body part for dandelion tattoos.

Michael Jackson Tattoo

Many people have favorite celebrities and stars are very inspiring for them. As for Michael Jackson there are lots of tattoo designs but this one is a unique in its shape, size and body location. Though it’s depicted in dark black ink but the watcher immediately catches the image and the style of Michael Jackson.

Creative Dog Tattoo

And finally out last photo of an extravagant tattoo is this creative dog tattoo design. If not the use of the 3D effect you couldn’t get the image clearly. You see something very familiar to each child and may find it a funny tattoo design.