Between so many flowers sunflower tattoos have their pretty designs and interesting meanings. These meanings generally come from the legends and stories told in old times. It’s symbolization inspires many men and women and they deice to wear an exquisite sunflower tattoo. And since this tattoo can be depicted on any body part and in any size it’s a very cute choice for a first tattoo.sunflower tattoosFascinating Story of the Sunflower

One of the warmest and compelling tattoos in our planet is the sunflower. Though it is mainly chosen by women by men also go for this tattoo. As it is associated with the sun and looks like the sun in many cultures sunflower was a symbolic plant. People told stories and legends about the sunflower and now I want to share some of them with you. So, the sunflower had great importance in the Greek culture. The story tells that Clytie turned into a sunflower as she always stated at the sun which represented god Helios. Native Americans also referred to this flower as a symbol of the sun. They used to put sunflowers on the graves of their relatives. It was also said that sunflower first appeared in in 1000 B.C in America. This flower inspires many painters as well and the paintings created by talented painters look very lovely and have a positive touch in them.

Sunflower Tattoo Meanings and Designs

Sunflower tattoos mainly hold positive meanings. Some of them are; warmth, joy, happiness, longevity, charm, religion, grace and in some cases femininity. Each can put the meanings he/she likes to his/her tattoo design. Well, let’s pass to the possible designs. There are many options for sunflower tattoo designs. There are large and very small designs. You can choose a complicated or a simple design. Simple sunflowers tattoos are mainly depicted in black ink and more detailed ones hold different colors. You may also like 3D sunflower tattoos. Colorful designs look more eye-catching than smaller and neutrally colored ones. If you like you can wear a group of sunflowers on your body. Some people combine it with several other flowers. Before getting any tattoo consider it’s meanings beforehand. Never hurry for getting inked. Try to do as much research as possible. As soon as you find the design you like most try to find a professional tattoo artist. These factors are really important for any case and if you want to get a spiffy tattoo then think carefully.