Snakes are unique and very extraordinary animals in the wild world. They have their own special pace in this world and are associated with thousands of myths, legends and old stories. They have both positive and negative meanings and people wearing snake tattoo designs want to show either its positive or negative symbolization which mostly depends on the person who wears it.

Snakes are too symbolic creatures for almost every culture, religion and folklore. They are usually compared with dragons and are known as boas. They have incredible power, striking image and strength. In ancient times people of various religions and cultures also worshiped the snake. In ancient Egypt the symbol of royalty and power was the snake and pharaohs used to wear images of snakes on their clothes and crowns. They believed that the snake was the symbol of infinity and life. Greek culture also refers snake as the goddess of the moon which in its turn stands for fertility and prophecy taking into account the belief that its energy is held in its backbone. In American cultures it is believed that snakes are the representatives of the underworld and they are the guardians and helpers of people. In Bible snake is associated with evil and is considered as the representative of Satan because of which it was darned by God. People born under the year and the sign of snake are wise, smart, romantic, and beautiful and have a great intuition. This is one of the reasons why some people choose snake tattoos.

Snake Tattoo Designs

Snake tattoos can be depicted on different body areas like back, chest, rib, stomach, leg, arm, and wrist and so on. Depending upon your preferences you can have it in a state of movement or may get a still and sound image of a snake. Those who follow the rules of the traditional tattoo art can get tribal snake tattoos in black color and people looking for a more creative and modern design of a snake can wear it several hues. There are funny snake tattoo designs as well which are generally taken from cartoons. These are prettier and more joyful designs that look interesting on bodies. In Japanese tattoo art you can meet more complicated designs of snakes along with other legendary creatures like tiger, Koi fish or dragon. Among the most popular snake tattoos you can choose phoenix and snake combination. This one is very eye-caching and holds symbolic value. Other combos can make eagles, lions, skulls and crosses. If you like you can get a 3D styled snake tattoo on a flashy part of your body.