Looking for a new idea of a small tattoo? I am going to surprise you with the most creative ideas for small and cute tattoos. Time has passed for star, butterfly, flower and heart tattoos and the innovative ideas like branch tattoos have come to replace them. What a noticeable tendency of wearing tree, branch and leave tattoos? Let’s go through these delightful designs.

So, the most popular branch tattoo idea is the olive branch. It has a deep symbolic meaning which makes it a great choice both for a small design and a meaningful tattoo. It symbolizes a beginning of a new life and comes from the Bible. As we know olive branch was the first thing that dove brought to Noah as a sign of a new life in the land. Just after this Noah and his family left the ark. This mystical idea appeals to most tattoo enthusiasts ho find an olive branch a fantastic tattoo idea. Other branches like cherry blossoms make another cool option for girls especially. They come from the Japanese culture and symbolize the ability of overcoming hardships. Though they are very subtle but find the courage to struggle and win the wind that baits it. A cherry blossom is usually chosen by women as a delicate and meaningful tattoo design. It has very pretty pink flowers that blossom even in harsh conditions. These tattoos are simple yet astounding tattoos that grab attention and always raise an interest among watchers. You can get a branch tattoo on your wrist, neck, nape, shoulder, forearm, arm, leg, ankle, hand and fingers in small sizes. If you like you can decorate it with cute birds, heart shapes, infinity sign, leaves and flowers. The colors used for a branch tattoo are generally in black, grey or brown shades. However if you have additional elements in it you may color them in other bright hues. As for bird images you can add a dove, a sparrow, a swallow, an owl or a hummingbird image. All look very well-balanced with a branch design. Dove stands for peace, love, carefulness and innocence, owl represents knowledge, wisdom and new apexes, and swallow is the symbol of family and loyalty. Any other bird can symbolize something else but all in all birds stand for freedom. If you don’t want to choose a special bird design you can add a flock of birds to your branch tattoo.