People studying the Japanese culture definitely have come across to the origins and stories about Samurais. These are the man of weapons in ancient Japanese history and have a great significance in Japan. The aim of Samurais was to protect gentlefolk and to provide their safety. Today we’ll discuss Samurai tattoo designs and their meanings which are very interesting and engaging.Samurai TattoosSo, Samurais used to carry special weapons with them wherever they went. The main weapons they utilized were wakizashi, katana and sabers. Due to their power and popularity they soon became subjects of the Japanese body art and many men preferred to wear Samurai tattoos for different reasons. Later on they became main stream tattoos and were opted by Asian tattoo artists too. They were appreciated tanks to their honor and grace. These are very eye-caching tattoos and are generally large in size. As Japanese tattoo art is based on the vibrant coloring method you can see many Samurai tattoos in vivid shades. They are quite detailed so one may need a professional tattoo artist to get the desired result.

Samurai Tattoo Meanings

It is said that Samurais had a special code called bushido which means the way of the warriors. This code includes 7 essential features describing a Samurai. They are; loyalty, kindness, honor, politeness, heartiness and honesty. Samurais were very resourceful, powerful and brave. They are usually depicted along with dragons, octopus and Koi fish which also stand for courage, protection and help. Samurais were used to make their bodies stronger so that they could struggle against enemies and win them. The most interesting symbol in Samurais armors which had a special design and symbolized power and strength. They use influential masks, helmets and sometimes even mask for a more impressive look. All the designs of these weapons represent courage and fearless character that is ready to fight and win the death. They are very masculine tattoos and are generally worn by men appreciating Japanese body art and culture. In most cases men get Samurai tattoos often to remind themselves of the people they should protect, be it their family or just a friend. Those who find some similar features between themselves and Samurais often wear a Samurai tattoo to highlight their personality.

Samurai Tattoo Designs

As Samurai tattoos come from the Japanese culture the designs of these tattoos have influences from this rich culture. As we have already mentioned, they are very detailed and those additional details mainly represent Japanese history and symbolic elements connected with their culture. You can see swords, blossoms, fish, dragons, tigers, natural motifs and weapons along with the Samurai image. The most common symbol used in these tattoos is the Yin Yang. In some design you can meet even scenes of different legends and stories that tell about the lifestyle and way of fighting of Samurais. In these pictures you can see such examples which may inspire you for your next tattoo. Have a look at them once more and choose the best design for you.