Over the year many trued to find out the true meaning of the nautical star. It fascinated many tattoo enthusiasts who today wear nautical star tattoos on their bodies for different reasons. Today we’ll speak about these “reasons” and will try to discover what nautical star tattoos mean. Don’t miss this article and keep your eye on it because we are going not only to tell an interesting story but also will represent some great examples.

Nautical Star Tattoo Meanings

The first tattoo lovers who wore nautical star tattoos were sailors. In old times sailors used to navigate their huge ships with the help of the Northern and Southern Cross stars. And since sailors believed in superstitions they hoped that wearing this kind of tattoos can help them get home safer. These tattoos were protective talismans for most for them and for most of their family members who also wore nautical star tattoos. They liked to have them on their wrists, arms, chests, backs and forearms. Today nautical star tattoos are much more popular. They are worn by both genders first of all as symbolic tattoos and then as body statement idea. These are cool tattoos that many combine with travel inspired elements such as maps, compasses, airplanes and watches. A nautical star tattoo represents guidance and right destination. People wear the not to get lost in the labyrinth of their life and always to find the right way.

Nautical Star Tattoo Designs

The traditional shape of the nautical star includes five points. This is a complicated shape of star that provides you with a fantastic detailed star tattoo. In old time people got black, grey, brown or red colored nautical star tattoos but today you can add any color you like to your tattoo designs keeping its well-balanced look. It’s a unisex tattoo thus all people from different age groups can wear it. Women prefer to have a nautical star tattoo on their ankle while men choose to get them on their wrists. Flowers, tribal designs, sun and moon make the additional elements of these tattoos making their look complete. However single nautical star tattoo design is more impressive and eye-caching. Many tattoo artists offer some quotes associated with nautical star and actually these combos look harmonious. If you like you can add a date, name or a single word to your tattoo design to make it rather unique.