Who could ever imagine that in the modern world of fashion and body art stamps could gain so much popularity and request. These small pieces of paper are today seen on clothing, on designs and in collections of people who like to have original stamp collection. So, why do people wear stamp tattoo designs on their bodies? Let’s discover this together.stamp tattoo 2016Generally stamp designs are quite appealing as cute cards that draw attention but having a stamp tattoo on the skin is strange enough. Actually there is a kind of uniqueness, pietism, charm and autistics in these tattoos. Besides providing you with a frame where you can get a meaningful word, letter, symbol, quote or soothing that need to be reflected in a written form these tattoos also look very modern and seductive. You can express your thoughts with the vintage tattoo design which speaks about your preferences, way of thinking and taste. Looking at these tattoo designs you cannot see the same design twice as they are all original in their style, color combination and shape. Some artists try to give stamp tattoos a more impressive and eye-caching effect with the help of the 3D style. This can be called a postmarking of the body. They are often done in medium sizes and look cuter in smaller sizes. For an old-looking design you can choose grey or black colors. Those that love the retro or vintage style should surely use the brown shade for their stamp tattoo. More modern designs may include more colors particularly in bright shades.

There are cases when people wear a whole collection of stamp tattoo designs instead of single stamp design. These ones look larger and flashier. They grab much attention and make the watcher gaze at them for a couple of minutes to get all the images clearer. Each stamp tattoo wearer tries to add personal touch and element to his/her designs. And actually these tattoos give that opportunity. Usually stamp tattoos hold several fascinating ideas and symbols in them and thanks to this you can add an element that is created by yourself and can make your tattoo unique. The combinations of a stamp tattoo also vary from person to person. You can add the name of your country, an inspiring quote, a portrait of your favorite hero, singer, star, actor or TV personality. You can add a date, address, location, landscape image, city scene or a name to this kind of tattoos. They make the designs complete and very interesting. On the other hand stamp tattoos can be considered as travel inspired tattoo ideas which work with map, compass and airplane designs as well. The choice is always up to you and we wish you a playful and spiffy stamp tattoo.