Elephant is a very calm and interesting animal which is known for its strength, enormous size and smart nature. It’s one of the animals of the wild world that has good relationships with people and the ability to learn a lot of things. Many people love to keep and train elephants and there are even some that go for elephant tattoo designs. Like other animal tattoos elephant tattoos also have symbolic meanings and interesting stories.Elephant TattoosThough elephants seem unusual idea for tattoos but the researches show that they are loved by tattoo art lovers and they are even worn in detailed and big sizes. They look very cute in nay size, shape and design. Usually these tattoos are colorful and very flashy. The body parts that people choose for these tattoos are fascinating as well as strange. You can see an elephant tattoo on a thigh, forearm, and back and even on arms and legs as sleeve tattoos. They grab quite enough attention and interest people around you. The positions of these designs are different and this allows you to have a differing tattoo. Elephants are symbolic animals especially in Indian culture. They have great role in its history and represent meanings basically associated with religion. Since Indian people always lived by neighborhood with elephants they are familiar with their lifestyle and attitude. They are still used in religious ceremonious and as cheap means of transport. In Hindu mythology the elephant is worshiped as they believe it brings luck and good fortune. The white elephant is a sacred creature in Buddhism. As for tattoos they symbolize love, compassion, power, kindness and peace. That peaceful attitude and nature of elephants inspires many people. They are also protective animals and are even ready to sacrifice their life for their family.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

For those who consider elephant a cool idea for a tattoo we offer some beautiful designs. They are created professionally and include subtle elements. These tattoos are cute, funny and pleasant to look at. But there are designs that have touch of power, masculinity and strength. These tattoos are, of course, chosen by men. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes giving you the opportunity of choosing either a feminine or a masculine design. Depending on your requirements your tattoo artists can depict a unique elephant tattoo on your body. If you are interested in these tattoos you should do a thorough research to find out the latest and the most modern solutions for an elephant tattoo. The watercolor and geometrical animal tattoos are lately very popular and young people often pick these very designs. Traditional and simple designs are also very cool and astounding. If you are fond of the 3D style you can get a tattoo in this effect. It will draw much attention.