When people lose someone very important and lovely in their life they hardly come to the reality from the shocking slap of the life. It’s not so easy to come to terms with the fact that you’ll never ever see your beloved person again next to you. This sometimes motivates them to get a memorial or R.I.P tattoos on their bodies.

These kinds of tattoos are devoted to different people and they are considered as personal tattoos that show your love, respect and passion toward the person who has left you forever. He/she can be a parent, a grandparent, a best friend, your soul mate or your child. The designs for these tattoos differ from person to person and they are unique in their styles, shapes and concepts. The most common memorial tattoo designs generally include dates, names, portrait of the person who has passed way, quotes, “R.I.P?, crosses, angels or angle wings, hearts and so on. Each can add a personal touch to his/her tattoo which can make the design complete. Some people even go for these tattoos in memory for their pets. They get either the image of their pet or the paw prints of it on different parts of their body. Those who get a memorial tattoo for their child often choose small cute footprints or the portrait of their sleeping baby. The designs devoted to best friends usually include quotes about strong friendship and some meaningful symbols like the infinity. People who have lost their beloved person or the partner of their life go for memorial tattoos where hearts, poems and flowers are the best combinations. In these cases flowers stand for the ongoing life and console the wearer. The tattoos done for the memories of parents or grandparents can include crosses, “mom?, “dad? and such words, hearts, praying hands and candles.

These are neutral colored tattoos and hold a serious meaning for each bearer. As tattoos are forever the majority of people wearing memorial tattoos understands the seriousness and the gravity of these tattoos that’s why they don’t choose vivid color and too eye-caching designs. If you have decided to get such tattoo you should think carefully before going for it. The most essential thing to keep in mind when getting a memorial tattoo is that memorial l tattoos show your love and respect and they should be worn only in case you need it. Now, look at the pictures collected here and get an idea of a good R.I.P. tattoo design.