Koi fish the legendary and powerful fish in Japanese culture. It plays great role in Japanese mythology and is quite appreciated creature. It’s a very colorful and beautiful fish that looks very beautiful and has deep symbolic meanings. Many people get inspired by the stories told about this fish and wear Japanese Koi fish tattoos. They are very popular among so many tattoo designs and tend to make the body more admirable.Koi Fish Tattoo designsThe beauty of the Koi fish is source of inspiration for many artists. They usually create such breathtaking designs that many can’t help getting a Koi fish tattoo on their body. These designs are usually combined with cherry blossoms, splashing water and lotuses. They are worn on sleeve, back and arm with larger designs because they look clear and more fascinating in large sizes.

Koi Fish Tattoo Symbolization

Actually Koi fish tattoos are very popular and required tattoos that have vivid colors and grab more attention. They are mainly associated with good fortune and as the folklore tells they have the ability of climbing of the Yellow river and become dragons. As dragons are the protectors of human beings and help them in wars these tattoos can also be combined with dragons. In Japanese culture Koi fish also represents love and passion. And as it stands for masculinity many men go for this tattoo. In Chinese culture it symbolizes strength and encourages you to go after your dreams. They say that Koi fish can bring richness and wealth into your life and the golden colors that can be seen in these designs symbolize just this belief. It has incredible energy and the ability of swimming in a great speed. Accordingly it’s also stands for courage and power. In difficult situations it can encourage a person and give the strength to overcome hardships. The uniqueness of it is that it usually swims against the waves, which again proves it’s being strong.

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Plenty of Koi fish tattoos are today available and each chooses either a neutral colored design or a quite colorful one. You can wear a beautiful Koi fish tattoo and besides grabbing attention you’ll also express your personality. This tattoo can bring positive and happy feelings with it. Each time looking at it you’ll be filled with good emotions. The main colors used for these tattoos are yellow, red, orange, and pink and black, if you like you can get a 3D Koi fish tattoo design.