As most of the flowers are symbols of femininity the majority for women think of flower tattoos as first tattoos. They are so lovely for them that they even go for extra-large flower tattoos which cover their entire back or sleeve. Among flower tattoos peony flower tattoo designs are one of the most beautiful and eye-catching ones. They are mainly large in size and look pretty good on female body.Peony TattooPeony Tattoo Meanings

These are main stream tattoos in Japan and China as peony is a symbolic flower in Japanese and Chinese cultures. In modern body art peony tattoos are depicted in a variety of designs, colors and shapes. The word peony entered English dictionary from the Greek word Paeon. In ancient Greek culture it was the student of God Asclepius who was jealous of the fame of his student and as soon as God Zeus knows about this he takes away Paeon from Asclepius makes it a flower and saves. In Chinese culture peony is considered as the king of flowers thanks to its large, delicate and very subtle petals. It symbolizes richness and honor. It’s also the representative of love and is loved by many couples. There is an even a special city in China called Peony River. Many poets, story- tellers and artists have devoted poems, paintings and legends to this miraculous flower. In 1903 it became the national flower of China and continues to be a significant flower today as well. In Japanese culture peony is called botan. The Japanese legendary kara-jishi animal is always paired with botan rather in a masculine design than in feminine. So, these ones are chosen by men. This rare design represents masculinity and is cool enough for many males.

Peony Tattoo Designs

Peonies are met in various colors like red, white, yellow and purple but usually they are tattooed in dark red ink. This makes the design flashier and grabs more attention. These are very feminine, tender and pretty designs special for females. You can get it in any color you like and if you prefer white ink tattoos then the perfect white peony can look stunning on your body. Those who love large tattoos can get more artistic, detailed and realistic peony tattoos on their back, arms, legs, chest, stomach and any other body part that provides with much canvas for a large tattoo. Those who are fond of small, cute and simple tattoos can wear a peony tattoo on their neck, shoulder, forearm, ankle or foot. You can choose either a colorful or a black ink tattoo. The choice is up to you and the subtler your design the better it’ll look.