Geishas, as you know, are considered as women of the night. They represent a unique culture which is based on seduction and the powerful attraction. Those women are meant for special culture which brings tenderness, intelligence, knowledge and prettiness. According to this culture Japanese tattoo art has created a branch for body art which is called Japanese Geisha tattoo art. Today many people wear Geisha tattoos on their bodies as a symbol of passion, beauty and intellect.
Before Japanese men used to wear Geisha tattoos on their bodies as Geishas were meant to entertain men. Today many women also wear Geisha tattoos to show off their individuality, their way of thinking and their personality. Geishas were elegant, very pretty, well-groomed and quite skillful women who were trained by special men. They had good communicational skills, had the ability to dance beautifully and to sing and they were also trained as good companions who could discuss any topic with men. These women were always surrounded by precious gifts, prizes and were always loved by men. However they had bad reputation in the society and were not appropriate for marring since they used to please different men in bed.

Geishas were always in vivid colored clothes and with a white mask on the face and they usually had jet black hair. This style was meant to tempt men and to make them be with a Geisha. They should be very feminine and resourceful. During the meetings with Geishas men were provide by good music, dancing, vine, food and entertaining conversations. They were expected to have good knowledge of politics and history as well in order to discuss interesting topics with their clients. Women who go for Geisha tattoos generally need to represent their inner similarity with them. These tattoos stand for femininity, desire, passion, womanhood, beauty and intelligence. They also symbolize subtleness, delicacy, softness, wisdom and tender strength. Geishas were often organizing tea ceremonies during which they were given gifts and were famed. The dominant color that could be seen on their clothes was red that’s why most geisha tattoos are in red hue.

If you have seen a painting of a Geisha perhaps you have noticed how carefully she is painted and how flawless she looks. They are usually surrounded with flowers, trees and other natural motifs. The same you can see in Geisha tattoo designs. Their face expression is also very seductive, pretty and tender. The entire appearance of Geishas has a touch of attractiveness and tenderness.

If you have decided to wear a Geisha tattoo you should consider several essential factors. First of all Geishas are not so appreciated by the public and if you may show off your Geisha tattoo the reactions will not always be good. Then these tattoos are very detailed and are usually done in large sizes. So, if you would like to get a Geisha tattoo you should provide it with an enough canvas. In this case, your tattoo may cover your entire back, arm, leg or thigh. The colors for these tattoos are mainly in bright hues to bring out the clear image of a Geisha. The design of a Geisha may be combined with floral elements. The background may also be inked in a vivid red, yellow or orange color. According to your preferences you can add some other elements to your tattoo as well such as a fan, a Japanese quote, lampshade or cherry blossoms which come from the Japanese culture too. If you like you can wear a more realistic design of a Geisha on your skin.