Mexican tattoos are considered as old tattoos which are basically chosen by Mexicans. But the bright colors and the creative solutions of these designs appeal to many people and even just because of their vividness they are worn by many other men and women as well. Mexican culture plays a great role in tattoo art and like Japanese body art Mexican tattoos are also very popular.Mexican TattoosThe main themes that are associated with these tattoos are nature, life and death. In a word they are brief, simple and meaningful. Though the designs are mainly colorful but they can represent life and death at the same time. You can see skull tattoos which are generally called sugar skulls, you can see beautiful flowers on the designs, animals, guns, jewels, gypsies and anything coming from the Mexican culture. The best thing about these tattoos is that they can be designed differently and both genders can find suitable designs for them. Even neutral colored designs have such mysterious shades that they clearly bring out the image. The characteristic style of Mexican tattoos is that they are created with the brightest hues and still have bold black outlines which best gives that powerful form to the art work.

Sugar Skull Tattoos

The most popular Mexican tattoos are sugar skull tattoos. The way they are created greatly differs from the standard designs of skull tattoos. Unlike common skulls these skulls have all the colors of rainbow and are combined with different elements. You can see sugar skull tattoo along with roses, leaves and jewelry. These tattoos represent the Mexican festival called the day of death during which all Mexicans wear skull masks and colorful decorations.

Gypsy Girl Tattoos

Gypsy girl tattoos are another main stream tattoos among Mexicans. They have deep symbolic meanings which should be known for the wearer before getting one on his/her body. The main meanings of these tattoos are; femininity, independence, good fortune, spirituality, nature, happiness, desire and life. If you decide to wear such tattoo you’d better take into account this symbolization as well.

Mexican Shaded Tattoos

As we have already mentioned there are some Mexican tattoos that do not require that much coloring and are created in simple black or brown hues. They are usually dark shaded tattoos that can be done in 3D style too. In spite of their neutral colored nature they can clearly bring our realistic images. Have a look at them!

Other Mexican Tattoos