People sometimes wear tattoos that have a kind of astounding and startling touch in them. Day of the dead tattoos are one of them. They are very interesting yet quite scary to look at. The main reason is that the images are generally skulls, Mexican gypsy girls and skeletons. However there is also a funny concept in them. Today we’ll speak about these tattoos and will give the meanings they hold.

So, day of the dead tattoos come from the rich Mexican culture. This is a festival dedicated to departed loved ones during which Mexican people wear colorful clothes and skull masks. It is held in between October 31 and November 2 and is considered as the Mexican Halloween. But this holiday is older and goes back to 3000 years ago. The families used to gather together for this holiday and each did a special makeup and skull mask in order to be ready for the celebration of the day. It’s a traditional holiday for all Mexican people and has a symbolic value for families. It gathers together relatives and friends who remembered departed people they loved. This day is also dedicated to the goddess with the name of Lady of the Dead whose image is today seen as a tattoo design. The aim of wearing day of the dead tattoos is to remember the people who you loved and who have passed away. But they differ from the rest of dead tattoos with the vivid coloring and fascinating combinations that make them unique and even astonishing.

The popular sugar skull tattoo which is depicted in many hues and in flower patterns, is one of the most used tattoo designs among these tattoos. Another idea of a day of the dead tattoo is the Mariachi tattoo which represents the Mariachi bands. They had a great importance in the Mexican culture and were the significant part of this festival. In these tattoos you can see a dead mariachi who is in a large Mexican cowboy hat and who plays his guitar. They are very happy, playful and funny tattoos. Then you may choose the Lady of the Dead tattoo design along with a skull. To give it a startling and amusing look tattoo artists depict it in bold black, grey, white and brown colors usually with scary eyes fixed on the watcher. The Autumn Queen tattoo design shows the Lady of the Dead in images of the Autumn Queen. She may have red leaved on the head which symbolizes death and rebirth at the same. It’s the idea of a new warm life. In other designs of day of the dead tattoos you can see painted skulls, floral elements and cobwebs.