If you have ever followed the lifestyle and the flight of swallows perhaps you have noticed how high they love to fly and how harmoniously they live with their families. These spiffy birds are used to weave their nests on the roofs of buildings if they live in cities. Being close to human beings they are often in the center of attention and people sometimes getting an inspiration wear swallow tattoo designs.Swallow TattooIn traditional body art swallows have always been significant elements for floral, nature based and animal tattoo designs. But they are taken as a separate theme for tattoos as well. It is loved by both genders and many men and women wear cute swallow tattoo on their skin. On the other hand they are great choices to complete tattoo design or to combine it with beautiful and meaningful elements at the same time. The evolved solutions in body art give you the chance of getting a new, modern and quite stylish swallow tattoo on any part of your body. When we compare these innovative approaches to the ones we had for example 50 year ago we see how astounding and detailed these designs look.

Swallow Tattoo Meanings

Swallows are small yet very meaningful birds. They are generally linked to travel, long distance, loyalty, health and wealth. In old times sailors used to refer to the help of these birds when they were in trouble or needed some help from the people in land. That’s why in many cases you may see designs including an anchor and a swallow image which speaks about the fact that sailors wore this kind of tattoos as talismans. Today people who like both elements in tattoos choose these designs. The legend also tells that if a sailor is drowned in the sea this bird will carry his soul to the heaven. It is said that a swallow spend his whole life with the only mate it loves. This makes them a symbol of loyalty and love too. This is one of the reasons why some couples choose swallows as matching tattoos. In some cultures they are associated with good fortune and in some cultures are considered as bad signs. Many people think that if the swallow weaves its nest on their floor it will bring a misfortune, and on the other hand, many consider them as protectors of the house. They think that it can bring richness and good luck with it. Among gang tattoos you may sometimes see swallows as additional elements and this comes from old times. However, they mostly hold positive symbolization.

Swallow Tattoo Designs

Different ways of wearing a swallow tattoo design can mean different things. For example a flying swallow can stand for beauty, good fortune and joy. If it’s depicted with a flower on its beak it may symbolize new life, happiness and spring. A pair of swallows symbolizes love, loyalty and peace. These tattoos are chosen by soul mates, friends and sometimes by relatives to show the love they have towards each other. If a man wears a swallow tattoo it means strength and power. The common combinations for a cool swallow tattoo are stars, flowers, branches, feathers, anchors, dreamcathers, bows, locks, ribbons, heart and arrows. Other combos make quotes and names of your beloved one or of a person who has passed away. You can get either a traditional black inked swallow tattoo or a more colorful one on your body. The most popular body parts to wear a swallow tattoo are chest, back, neck, ankle, forearm, wrist, hand and arm.