Most people usually go for small tattoos as a first tattoo. After getting one small design on their bodies they get that courage of wearing larger tattoos too. Actually small designs look cuter and more delicate. There are millions of ideas for small tattoos and each goes for the one that is closer to his/her heart and means something special for him/her.small tattoosSmall tattoo are always in thing and our smart tattoo artists do their best to create new and modern designs for small tattoos. Since these tattoos cover small body parts they can be worn wherever you want. Depending on your preferences you can get it either on an eye-catching place or on a hidden body part. These designs can be a flower, butterflies, feathers, shapes of hearts, stars, birds, different symbols, quotes, and bows and so on. In this case creative solutions are always by your side. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Small Flower Tattoos

Though flower tattoos generally symbolize beauty and femininity but they are often worn by men too. You can choose your favorite flower considering it’s symbolization as well. It can be a rose symbolizing love and passion, a lotus symbolizing rebirth and purity, a sunflower standing for the meanings associated with the sun and warmth and so on. Whatever you choose will definitely decorate your body and make it more attractive. Flower tattoos are great especially for women looking for their first tattoo.

Small Butterfly Tattoos

Symbolizing freedom and transformation butterfly tattoos create incredible body art. As butterflies are very tender creatures they look astounding on bodies. In many cultures they have significant symbolization and sometimes represent the souls of human beings. You can get either a black inked butterfly tattoo or a colorful and joyful design.

Small Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos symbolize love and only love. They are one of the most requested tattoo designs all over the world. Most men and women go for these tattoos to show their love towards someone or even something. You can get it in the smallest sizes and if you want to show it off you are supposed to get it in an eye-catching body part like on your neck, shoulder, hand, and finger.

Small Star Tattoos

Star tattoos give you more creative ideas for great designs. You can choose a single star or a group of small stars as a tattoo design. They look better in neutral black color and allow you create a stunning tattoo on your body. If you want a single design then you can choose the shutting star which symbolizes your dreams. But if you want to get a more attractive tattoo you can go for colorful group of stars.

Small Quote Tattoos

Since quotes should are read they need to be as clear as possible. That’s why if you want to get a quote tattoo you should choose a short and brief one that can look clear depicted in a small size. It can be a Sanskrit or a Kanji tattoo. Other versions are single word tattoos.

Small Bird Tattoos

Finally my favorite one. Bird tattoos are so charming and sophisticated tattoos that they inspire many people. They symbolize freedom and flight and those that seek for flying get this kind of tattoos. You can choose a single image of a bird or a flock of birds flying on your body. Actually the options are plenty enough.

Other Small Tattoo Designs

Using our own imagination you can create a fantastic small tattoo design which will differ from the rest. It can be a modern design looking unique and beautiful at the same time. Recently I have seen incredible geometric, puzzle, infinity symbol, arrow, key and ring tattoos which look very fashionable.