Skull tattoos have always been mainstream tattoos but the fact that they are becoming more and more popular is interesting. So, why? Do they look so beautiful that people choose just skull tattoos? The matter has no deal with charm, beauty and attractiveness. It’s all about fascination and deep symbolism that skull tattoos hold. Today we’ll refer to optical skull tattoo designs which look crazy and breathtaking.

All is seen in these tattoos is much more complicated than you imagine. It seems as if you see a skull image then suddenly you notice another image inside or the vice versa. What you see inside is the main theme of the tattoo but the bearer has decided to get it in the form of a skull which has its reasons. Skull generally stands for life and death at the same time. People wear skull tattoos for different reasons. But when it comes to optical skull tattoos the impression is that the skull in those tattoos has a secondary role and the main massage of the tattoo design is hidden under the image that is seen inside the skull. In this case you focus rather on the inner image than on the skull but you clearly see that the overall look of the design is provided by the form of a skull be it a small or a large one. This is a perfect illusion that plays with our mind and makes your braid be both engaged and fascinated. Actually there is much to look at on one optical skull tattoo than you can image.

Because tattoos are forever be careful before you choose such tattoo. Modern tattoo art can provide you with tons of creative, breathtaking and crazy tattoo ideas but you should always keep in mind that the tattoo you choose to wear represents your individuality, your way of thinking and your taste. The simpler and clearer your design, the more beautiful it will look and the more complicated and startling it is the more impression it may leave on the watchers. So, don’t run after the designs that are too large, too complicated and too astounding. In case you really feel that you need an optical skull tattoo which may cover your entire back, chest, arm shoulder or any other large body part then try to choose a design which is at least beautiful. Now, have look at the shown collection and discuss some of them with your tattoo artist to choose the best one for you. It will take you longer to explore these tattoos compared with simple ones and if you are going to pick one of them then make sure you have seen and noticed all the details carefully. Pay attention to the used colors, shapes, additional elements and the style so that you can get the whole image clearly. Your tattoo artists may use the 3D effect for the better result. Always use your own imagination to get a unique tattoo design on your skin. People will definitely question you about your tattoo.