Today I am going to represent you the coolest rain tattoos. Many of us love rain because it brings peace with it and cleans everything. Very often we associate it with romantics. The emotions that surround us when it rains are very beautiful and the idea of wearing a rain tattoo is quite pleasant. Most people go for these tattoos choosing designs that are combined with umbrellas, flowers, clouds and lightening.rain tattoosBut there are many who prefer simple rain tattoos that involve only raindrops. The options are various and each can find the design that meets his/her preferences, mood and emotions.

Rain Tattoo Designs
Rain tattoos allow you to get an incredible design on your body. You can see gloomy rain tattoos as well as colorful and quite eye-catching designs. You can combine your tattoo with floral elements and pixies which will bring a magical touch to your tattoo. The simplest designs are raindrops which look very cute and subtle. The main colors used for these pretty designs are blue and purple but if other elements are added to it the colors may accrue. When watching at a rain tattoo one may feel the positive nature it has. However these tattoos require a professional approach to look effective. That is, the tattoo artist should know the best way of depicting it on the body in order to get a satisfying result. It’s not an easy task to get the right look and effect of these tattoos and you should discuss your design with your tattoo artist to make sure he/she will provide you with the desired result. Now, let’s see the most used designs for rain tattoos.

Raindrop Tattoos
As I have already mentioned the simplest and the clearest designs for rain tattoos are raindrops. They are chosen both by men and women. Due to their simplicity they look very cute and interesting. If you need a creative approach you can get the shapes of the raindrops in heart forms. It will be not only spiffy but also meaningful. These tattoos are generally done in small sizes and on body parts that look beautiful with small tattoos like wrists and neck.

Rain and Flower Tattoos
Each of us has seen how beautifully rain rinses flowers taking away their dust. It seems as if the rain is the shower for all flowers which love to be washed. It allows them show off their beauty and tenderness. So, rain tattoos look very spiffy along with flowers. You can even add fairies to your tattoo making it more delicate. Of course this is a great choice for ladies.

Rain and Umbrella Tattoos
When we speak about rain we think of umbrellas as well. The cool solutions given to these tattoos are so fascinating and emotional. They look very harmonious and show off the feelings of the wearer. You can get a colorful umbrella tattoo which can remind us of the beautiful rainbow.

Rain, Cloud and Lightening Tattoos
This combination is one of the most impressive options for those that wish to get a tattoo representing the process of raining. The colors used for these tattoos include blue, yellow, brown, black and sometimes red. They are usually chosen by men and women and girls who want to get this kind of tattoos can go for subtler designs.