One of the most sensitive areas of the human body are the parts behind the ear getting tattoos where is becoming popular. You can have any medium to small sized tattoo design behind the ear choosing either a masculine or a feminine design. These are the most “convenient” tattoos as they are visible only for the watcher, they don’t disturb or annoy you and finally they are very subtle in most cases.

Small yet very attractive these tattoos grab much attention and always fascinate watchers. You can beautify this part with a cute, very pretty and engaging design. Moreover you can easily hide your tattoo with your hair or with a hat. This is another advantage that makes the tattoo more popular. Women usually choose delicate and very feminine tattoo designs like flowers, butterflies, stars, vines, feathers, dreamcathchers, birds, cute animals, hearts, bows, music notes and so on. Men prefer more masculine designs like tribal, biomechanical, skull, anchor, cross, symbols, letters, animals and alike. These tattoos don’t require much coloring due to which they look quite simple and pleasant. The modern designs offer geometric patterns and shapes. Those who are looking for a unique tattoo can get a design of a subject they love or a quote that is very meaningful for them. Without being too loud these tattoos say a lot about the taste, individuality and view of the bearer. The possibilities for a behind the ear tattoo are millions and each goes for the most suitable design for him/her.

Care for an Ear Tattoo

Whether it is inside or behind of the ear your tattoo needs special care. As these tattoos are directly connected with the skull and the head they require much care unlike many other tattoos. Compared with the rest of tattoos behind the ear tattoos demand much time to heal. Avoid touching or covering it before it’s healed as touching may only case harm and unpleasant effect. These tattoos are very painful so if you have decided to wear such tattoo you should take this fact into account too. Before going for a behind the ear tattoo try to find the best artist who has an experience in this field. Describe him/her the design you want to get on that part and go ahead. If you don’t know what design you want you can have a look at these pictures where you may find your style and the idea you have been looking for such a long time.