Stomach tattoos are unique choice for body art and they demand careful consideration before being worn. These tattoos are ideal particularly for women, but many man also go for them. Stomach tattoos are much more complicated and the images chosen for these tattoos should be unique and suitable for this body part.Stomach TattoosThese kinds of tattoos are perfect for those who wish to have a tattoo which can be easily hidden. Wearing a stomach tattoo you will have the opportunity of hiding it whenever you want and show it off when needed. On the other hand these tattoos are not recommended to be worn by women who have to undergo the process of pregnancy as it will be harmful both for her and for the baby’s health. It can also spoil the look of the tattoo design and the effect won’t be so clear. That’s why if you have decided to have a child you’d better avoid stomach tattoos. There may be a few cases when these tattoos are less affected after pregnancy but it doesn’t give us a reason to consider them harmless and safe. Anyway it will be wiser to go for stomach tattoos after pregnancy. Plus, you are going to carry much pain while being inked that’s why you should make sure you really want a stomach tattoo. It’s easier for men to get these but here the cases are few when they prefer to have a tattoo on the stomach. Since tattoos are forever and you can hardly get rid of one you are expected to make the wisest choice. Here we have collected the best stomach tattoo ideas among which you may find the one that most appeals to you.

As stomach tattoos are mainly chosen by women the most popular designs are feminine. They include designs of flowers, butterflies, feathers, angels and henna tattoo designs.

Flower Stomach Tattoos

Flowers are always the most neutral and best choices for tattoos. They are loved by the majority of women who decide to go for a stomach tattoo. You can get a single flower tattoo or a bunch or group of flowers on your stomach. Depending on your preferences and taste these tattoos can be either in neutral colors on in bright hues.

Butterfly Stomach Tattoos

If you feel as if you have butterflies in your stomach which awake the hormone of happiness then go for a butterfly stomach tattoo designs. It will look not only spiffy and subtle but will also make your body more alluring.

Feather Stomach Tattoos

Feathers are the tattoos that have many fascinating designs. They are sometimes combined with birds and look fantastic both in black ink and in colorful hues. Sometimes women combine them with dreamcatchers to make their tattoo more meaningful.

Stomach Tattoos for Men

We also represent some stomach tattoo ideas for men so that you can orientate what kind of design you want to get on your stomach. It’s better to choose a masculine image.