Everyone who believes in the existence of angles considers them as messengers of the heaven. They are the representatives of purity, faith, grace and goodness. They have been the most popular subjects in the art of renascence and held special symbolization. Today they are also used in body art as a way of representing beliefs and special features that angels have. Angel tattoos are very popular both among men and women.

These tattoos are chosen not only because of their charm but also for their magical abilities and skills. They are the direct messengers of our Heavenly God and bring us good news or the aphorisms of God. As tattoo designs they look very delicate and astounding on different body parts. The most common places for these tattoos are wrist, ankle, neck, shoulder, back, arm, chest and rib. Depending on your preferences you can get a charming angel tattoo in any size you like. The simple designs look cute in small sizes and for more complicated designs you may choose a large space.

In different religions angels have different meanings but generally they are the messengers of God. They are depicted very beautifully in Christian, Catholic, Islamic and Jewish religions. They usually have wings which help them fly from heaven to the earth and to return again their heavenly home. In most cases you may see the image of the “Guardian Angel” which is the often done in honor or memory of someone the wearer loved. People wear these tattoos to be protected and safe in their lifetime. They believe that angle tattoos can keep them away from dangers, accidents and misfortunes. Getting an angel tattoo will also show your strong love towards God and will speak about your faith. It is said that they tend to bring a positivity and kindness in the bearers life. The main designs for angel tattoos are usually similar. They are depicted with fair faces, ethereal and incredible beauty and are always with wings on their back. Sometimes even only wings are tattooed on bodies as angel tattoos. Due to these wings females usually want to enhance not only their beauty but also their innocence and purity. That’s why the most exquisite angel tattoos are worn by women. If you are a man and wish to get an angel tattoo on your skin you may choose a large and very eye-caching image of an angel. The main combinations for these tattoos are hearts, clouds, candles and quotes. There are various ways to get a nice angel tattoo and according to your taste you can add some colors. However mostly people wear neutral colored angel tattoos.