I could never imagine that one day people would wear bridge tattoos. Perhaps you are also surprised by this idea but you should see how artistically and beautifully they are depicted on the skin. Nowadays there are so many beautiful bridges that many people find inspiration and wear these tattoos.Maybe they have some memories connected with this or that binge and they decide to wear a bridge tattoo on their bodies.
All over the world bridges have great importance. They connect nations, communities and even countries. As tattoo ideas they are just cool and can grab much attention. Among modern tattoos they are very popular and creative. They can represent your love towards architecture or towards the masterpieces that human beings create. These tattoos are inked in different details and in various designs. Depending on the bridge you choose for your tattoo you can get a unique design on your skin.

No matter where you live or where you travel you are supposed to cross at least one bridge during your trip. In many cases we see bridges full of locks which are locked by couples or spouses who have decided to live their Life together and to love each other till the end of their lives. This can also bring memories about the bridge were they have sworn to be together. Bridge tattoos can symbolize unity, flexibility and strength. The most used bridge designs are usually of the Golden State Bridge in San Francisco and Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. They look very charming and are often considered as traditional bridge tattoos.

Bridge tattoos are usually combined with an astounding sunset, river, cloudy sky or ships. They are worn on body parts which provide much canvas and bring out the clear image of the tattoo. You can get them on back, forearms, shoulder, arm and so on. In a case you want more eye-catching tattoo you can use the 3D style. There are also burning bridge tattoo ideas which symbolize the past mistakes of the wearer that had a huge influence on him/her. This kind of tattoo can remind you of thinking before acting.

Before You Get a Bridge Tattoo

As bridge tattoos are new in tattoo art you should make sure you have done a thorough research in order to find the best design for you. They are not common designs and not in all cases make the body prettier. Before going for this type of tattoo you can discuss it with your tattoo artist. He/she will give a good piece of advice about the location and the design of your tattoo. Take into account that it may require more space than any other tattoo designs. There are many unique ideas you can combine with your bridge tattoo. You can get a single image of a bridge or a bridge in a city tattoo design.