A shell is a fastidious holder of some fascinating creatures in the sea. If people didn’t discover the magic of the sea they could never get inspired by the subtle beauty of shells. They have different shapes and thus shell tattoos have different designs. You can meet shells for bivalves, nautilus and marine mollusks and so on. Each picks a design closer to his/her interest and taste.shell tattoo ideas 2016Like fish, jellyfish and other delicate creatures of the sea shells look very pretty on the skin too. These tattoos are special for marine inspired body art enthusiasts that find the sea and its secrets the most refined things in our planet. So many things are still concealed on the bottom of the sea and some are discovered. Those that are known for many of us sometimes become the subject of our lovely collections, of our jewelry and clothing. These tattoos are often small in their sizes and look ravishing in their designs. Let’s discuss some shell tattoo ideas.

So, conch is a marine creature which lives in tropical waters and has spiral shell. They produce pink pearls which are generally in oval shapes and are considered as quite expensive jewelry. It represents the voice of Buddha in Buddhism and is a symbolic subject for this religion. Other designs of shell tattoos are of scallops. These are symbolic creatures as well representing fertility and are usually depicted along with Roman goddess of love in many paintings. In Christianity it is the symbol of baptism. You can see different shapes and sizes of these shells but as tattoo designs they are inked in small sizes on fingers, behind the ear, neck and so on. Nautilus shell has a great significance in art, literature and poetry. It is the finest and the nicest shell that symbolize beauty and they have very spiffy geometric shape that can beautifully be depicted on the skin. These tattoos are met in various sizes and designs according to their shapes. You may choose the one that most of all appeals to you and looks nice for you. They are chosen both by men and women but there is a kind of difference between male and female shell tattoos. Male shell tattoo designs are sharper in their shapes and look more masculine with the chosen neutral colors. Women prefer rounder and subtler shapes of shell designs which are combined with butterflies, sea stones and flowers in bright and tender hues.