If nature can inspire artists so much that they create awesome tattoos with natural motifs then mountain tattoos are not only good ideas but also have peaceful charm in them. If you feel as if the breathe and the height of mountains are the things you need most of all in your life, then wear an unrepeatable mountain tattoo on your skin. mountain tattoosThe most breathtaking thing about mountains is that they are too powerful, always high and proud of being so strong elements of nature. As today landscape tattoos are becoming more and more popular people wear different kinds of nature tattoos including forests, sunset or sunrise and mountain tattoos make a separate category where you can see very spiffy ideas for a mountain tattoo. In most cases they are depicted in geometric shapes as their sharp forms allow tattoo artists create perfect geometrical design that bring out the image of a mountain. These tattoos can be worn in various sizes. You can get a small simple image of a mountain or a more complicated design in a large size. If you like you can get a colorful tattoo using the watercolor style. Traditional tattoo art lovers may like black shaped and bold tattoos which have a kind of power and mysticism in them. These tattoos can symbolize different things which mostly vary from person to person. It may speak about your strong character; it may show your authority or may just represent your love towards nature. The greatest combinations for mountain tattoos are the sun, the moon, forests, trees, waterfalls, animals and rivers. If you want a more realistic mountain tattoo you may get the natural-looking image of the mountain you like most of all.

Where to get a Mountain Tattoo

So, after choosing the design you are expected to pick the right body location for your tattoo. The appropriate parts for a large mountain tattoo are chest, back, shoulder, arm, nape and leg. Sleeve mountain tattoos are the most eye-caching ones and if you choose this style then you may also opt for some features from the Japanese tattoo art. Large designs are more detailed and include more natural elements. Smaller designs are simpler and look like geometric designs. Unlike their small size these tattoos look cool in various colors as well. These designs look better depicted on wrists, ankles, feet, rib, forearm and so on. Even the simplest shape of a mountain can be so beautiful and engaging that it may appeal to the watchers and tattoo enthusiasts. Now have a look at these examples and get a great inspiration.