Powerful Crown Tattoo Designs

If you sometimes feel as if you are a king or a queen then the idea of getting a crown tattoo may appeal to you. The crown symbolizes power, authority and leadership. Crowns have been the emblems of rulers, kings and queens. The most precious natural stones were always collected on crowns. They had not […]

Cross Tattoo Designs

The designs used in tattoo art vary from the funniest to the most serious. There are ideas both for men and women and every design is unique in its style. You can see tribal tattoo designs, Celtic tattoos, design with natural elements and religious tattoo designs. Among these religious tattoos one of the most popular […]

Day of The Dead Tattoo Designs

People sometimes wear tattoos that have a kind of astounding and startling touch in them. Day of the dead tattoos are one of them. They are very interesting yet quite scary to look at. The main reason is that the images are generally skulls, Mexican gypsy girls and skeletons. However there is also a funny […]

Incredible Mirror Tattoo Designs

Mirror, mirror on the wall show me who the most beautiful. You, my reader are the most beautiful. Why did I start my article like this? Because the title itself reminds of the well-known fairy tale where the magical mirror shows who is the most beautiful. The next question is why people wear mirror tattoos. […]

Popular Skull Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are meant to show off the desires, preferences, interests, lifestyle and the attitude towards the world. Just for this reason it’s very essential what tattoo designs you choose and what message you put in it. As for skull tattoo ideas one may find so many examples that he/she will get confused in them. There […]

Coolest Behind the Ear Tattoo Ideas

One of the most sensitive areas of the human body are the parts behind the ear getting tattoos where is becoming popular. You can have any medium to small sized tattoo design behind the ear choosing either a masculine or a feminine design. These are the most “convenient” tattoos as they are visible only for […]

Unique Elbow Tattoo Ideas

So far we have been many body parts where one can wear a tattoo and this time we’ll speak about unique elbow tattoo ideas. This body part is a quite strange place to get a tattoo design on. Though these are not popular tattoos but the researches show that many people both among men and […]

Crazy Optical Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoos have always been mainstream tattoos but the fact that they are becoming more and more popular is interesting. So, why? Do they look so beautiful that people choose just skull tattoos? The matter has no deal with charm, beauty and attractiveness. It’s all about fascination and deep symbolism that skull tattoos hold. Today […]

Hottest Calf Tattoo Ideas

Calf is a quite attractive body area to get a tattoo on. It’s also easy to hide and show off whenever you want, so both men and women wear calf tattoos. It provides you with much space to have a large and flashy tattoo design on. More often calf is used as a canvas for […]

Indian Skull Tattoos and Their Meanings

Many people just love the tribal body art and appreciate it even today. This is the oldest tattoo art that has something to tell us about ancient times and about the tribes that used to wear tattoos. Though today we live in a developed civilization but many tribal tattoos such as Indian skull tattoos are […]